Carry [on] your life!®

— Quality bags made for active life since 1921 —

Our company

Pioneering spirit

Our founder Fukukichi Uno was originated from the city of Toyooka, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, which is known for its long history of making bags since year 27.

Fukukichi Uno observed that skilled craftsmen were keeping their know-how within their family and transmitted it through generations to perpetuate the tradition. By combining different craftsmen skills and sourcing prime materials locally, Fukukichi Uno envisioned a collection to suit most needs and feels nationwide.

In 1921, Fukukichi Uno registered the company Unofuku Co. & Ltd. The label quickly made its reputation, thanks to the quality of its “Yanagi” bags. This ancient variety of Japanese rattan had a unique ability to protect rice or clothes from insects and humidity. Toyooka had a strong expertise of making such bags and Fukukichi Uno travelled all over Japan to promote and sell it.

Until now, Unofuku extensively uses traditional materials such as leathers of Tajima Cattles sourced within Kobe area and Hyogo Prefecture, and even the bags handles receive a special treatment using wood of “Sakura”, Japan’s cherry blossom.

Passion for innovation

Keeping a very close relationship with our customers has always been essential for us to continuously adapt our products to the needs and trends, with the same ultimate goal to safeguard the bags’ contents.

Since 1921, the experience we have accumulated has helped us enhance our method inspired from Kaizen (continuous improvement) to introduce new bags:

  1. Design committee gathers to set the requirements of the new products, collects data from similar versions and identifies the trends to follow.
    Unofuku has registered over a hundred innovative designs and products.
  2. Production committee reviews the design requirements, sources bespoke materials and selects the most qualified maker.

In 1997, Unofuku established a Representative Office in Hong Kong to closely monitor the quality and progress of production at our partner factories in China, Vietnam and Indonesia.

  1. Sales & Marketing team defines the products strategy and submits the product to a pool of customers.
    In 2012, Unofuku launched a new showroom in Tokyo which hosts a Sales Team dedicated to be closer to our customers.
  2. Quality controls consist in accompanying in all three prior steps, ensuring smooth operations and of course, controlling the quality of the final product.

All operations are closely monitored from the company’s headquarters in Toyooka, the city that has historically ranked as Japan’s leading city in terms of bags production.

A sense of respect and values

Representing the third generation, Unofuku President, Mr Takaya Uno, recalls the strong values of sincerity and trust that have built the company’s reputation and which have remained “Fuhen”, the Japanese word for “unchanged”.

We believe that since carrying is the first purpose of our bags, it should also be the emphasis of our company towards its environment…

Traditionally, our craftsmen are located around our headquarters, Toyooka, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. While such proximity has highly benefited to the quality of our bags, it also contributes to our environment friendly economy :

  • Leathers naturally tanned
  • Control over the labour employed